Three Ways To Impress Your New Cuban Girlfriend

If you have just started dating a Cuban girl, and you're looking for some ways to impress her, then this article is going to give you some easy and fun ideas. You might feel that you have to learn Spanish, but that can be difficult for many people. So, while it is a cool idea to try and learn some Spanish, especially if she speaks English as a second language, there are some easier, just as cool things you can do to impress her without hours of rigorous study. Here are three ideas.

Learn To Make A Cafecito For Here

A really cool way to impress her is to make Cafecito, or Cuban coffee. This will show that you are aware of one of the most famous and important customs in the Cuban community. Cafecito is version of espresso that was made popular in Cuba after the importation of classic espresso machines from Italy. The Cubans who moved to Miami took the custom with them, and it's part of the community. You don't have to have a fancy espresso machine, you can either take her out to a café that serves them, or you can get a moka pot and make her a Cafecito for Sunday breakfast. Once you get the moka pot, and a vacuum packed block of café bustelo, and some demerara sugar, you can watch a video on YouTube and see how to make it.

Pick Up A Pastelitos For Breakfast, Not A Muffin or Bagel

When it comes to picking up a quick breakfast to bring back to your place while she's asleep, skip the bagel or muffins, and bring home a pastelito. These are delicious Cuban pastries that are cherished by everyone of Cuban heritage. They are similar to turnovers. They are light and flaky. Puff pastry is rolled out and filled with a sweet jam. You can find these in any bakery that serves a Cuban community. If you happen to be an amateur gourmet, then these are really easy to make. Buy puff pastry, roll it out and cut it into triangles, place a dollop of pineapple preserve or guava jam in the center, coat the edges of the pastry with egg wash, fold the pasty over and bake until puffy and crispy.

Take Dance Classes So You Can Hit A Salsa Club

Cuban women love to dance, so it's a good idea to take dance lessons, such as at Jazz Unlimited Studio of Arts, if you have two left feet. She will love the fact that you are trying to improve, and you can bring her along to the dance classes and have her be your partner. Salsa dancing is super popular in the Latin community in The United States. However, you should understand that there are differences between salsa styles among Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Columbians, and other groups. For instance, in Cuban salsa dance, there is a much more "free" sense of movement, owing to the strong influence of Arfo-cuban music and dance in the island. Of course, if you can't find a place that specializes in Cuban dance, any salsa style class will do. You can even have your girlfriend explain the difference between her home country's style and the style you are learning, which would make for interesting dinner conversation after your class.