3 Ways To Prepare Your Young Child For Their First Dance Class

If your young child has never attended a dance class before, and you just signed them up for a dance class, here are three things that you can do to prepare your child for their first dance class.

#1 Check Out Some Dance Videos

The idea of a dance class can be very abstract for a young child. Your child may not understand what a dance class is even is if your child has not yet attended pre-school yet. The idea of going to a class is going to be a new idea for your child. Additionally, your child may not realize that moving their bodies around to music is considering dancing.

To get your child familiar with the idea of what dancing means, find some dance class videos online to share with your child. Try to find dance class videos of young children so that your child can get an idea of what a dance class would be like. As you watch the dance class, talk with your child about what the other children are doing and what the teach is doing. Narrate for your child what is happening and answer any questions that your child may have.

#2 Meet The Teacher

Being around a new adult can be intimidating and unfamiliar feeling for many children. Some dance classes allow the parents to be present and other dance classes ask that the parents not be present for class. This allows the child to focus on the class instead of their parents, and helps your child grow socially and emotionally.

Since you may not be allowed to stay in the class with your child, try to meet the teacher before your child goes to their first dance class. See if you can stop by the studio and have your child meet the teacher for a few minutes. This will help your child see that the teacher is an adult that they can trust and it will help your child become familiar with the teacher. If the dance studio has the teacher's picture and bio up on their website, you can share the teacher's picture with your child when talking about their upcoming dance class.

#3 Get The Right Gear

Finally, make sure that your child has the right clothing for dance class. Check in with the studio to see what kind of clothing rules that they have. For some dance classes, shorts, t-shirt and athletic shoes may be appropriate. However, if your child really wants to wear dancing clothes, like a leotard or a tutu, have some fun and purchase some colorful and creative dancing clothes that your child picks out and enjoys. This can help boast your child's confidence and make them really feel like a dancer.