The Dos And Don'ts Of Helping Your Child Prepare For A Contemporary Dance Recital

A contemporary dance recital is an exciting time of the year. It is the moment when your child showcases their talent for dance and the many things that they have learned throughout the year at a school like Crescendo Dance Academy. A recital performance can be extremely important to your child, and it only comes once per year! Be sure to follow these dos and don'ts to best support your little one during this exciting time.

Do Express Your Excitement About Attending the Recital

Knowing that a parent is really excited about going to the recital can help build a child's confidence. It also shows them that you are taking their interest in dance seriously and are proud of what they have accomplished. As the day of the recital approaches, mention it with enthusiasm and let them know how proud you are of them for working hard on the performance.

Don't Air Your Gripes to Your Child

If you are mad that your child didn't get a solo part in the dance recital or irritated at the song choice for your child's performance, you are certainly entitled to your own opinion, but you should not complain about any aspect of the recital to your child. Keep your gripes away from the ears of your little one. If they hear that you are mad they didn't get a solo, they may think you are disappointed in them. If you don't like the song choice, they may doubt it themselves, which can take away joy from their big day.

Do Plan a Celebration for the Day of the Recital

A dance recital comes along rarely, and it is a time that you can celebrate a solid accomplishment in your child's life. What a perfect opportunity to build self-esteem! Plan to make a big fuss about the recital. Whether that is throwing a celebratory party for family and friends right after the rehearsal or taking your child out to a fancy dinner in honor of the recital performance, let your child know that their hard work is being celebrated. You may display their trophy and openly tell all guests about what your child achieved through hard work.

Finally, keep in mind that a dance recital may be one of the most thrilling experiences of your child's life. Expect that emotions may be a little heightened around the day of the recital, and try to encourage them to remain positive about the opportunity to show what they can do as a dancer.